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tricia halloran

music supervisor




Tricia Halloran is a new music junkie working as a film and television music supervisor on major features such as Jason Reitman’s Tully, William H. Macy’s Krystal, and indie film, One Last Thing

On the television side, her series/pilot work includes Reitman’s Casual for Hulu, Jack Bender/David Kelley's Stephen King adaptation Mr MercedesThe Big C on Showtime, seven seasons of Castle for ABC, Fox’s latest X-Files series with Chris Carter, The First Wives Club pilot for Paramount, and the Primates pilot for HBO, among others.  

For 15 years she was the host of "Brave New World" on KCRW, an epicenter of the indie rock scene as it emerged from a strictly underground college niche into a powerhouse media genre.




Mr. Mercedes - AT&T/Sonar
Producers: Jack Bender and David Kelley
Adaptation of the best-selling Stephen King detective trilogy featuring classic rock gems and legendary blues.

Casual  -  Hulu/Lionsgate
Producers: Jason Reitman and Helen Estabrook
Music-driven series featuring authentic of-the-moment new music as well as classic funk and soul gems.
* Golden Globe nominated comedy/drama series *

The X Files  -  Fox
Producer/Director: Chris Carter
Diegetic music throughout as well as music-driven, pre-cleared, choreographed dream sequence of hit songs.

Harley & The Davidsons  -  Discovery Channel
Director: Ciaran Donnelly / Producer: Peter McAleese

Second Chance aka The Frankenstein Code - Fox
Producers: Rand Ravich, Howard Gordon

Castle  -   ABC
Directors: Rob Bowman, John Terlesky / Producers: Alexi Hawley, Terence Paul Winter, Andrew Marlowe, Rob Bowman, Laurie Zaks
Emerging indie pop songs; major stars for on-camera;  custom rock songs written for specific storylines.

American Odyssey  - NBC
Director: Peter Horton / Producers: Adam Armas, Nora Kay Foster
Region-specific African music; International conspiracy series. 

Fargo  -  FX
Directors: Adam Bernstein, Colin Bucksey / Producers: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, Noah Hawley
Sourced obscure vintage blues & pop recordings to match very specific series tone, Season 1.
* Golden Globe Winner, Best Miniseries *

The Good Wife  -  CBS
Directors: Rosemary Rodriguez, Michael Zinberg / Producers: Robert King, David W. Zucker
Consulted on seven episodes in Season 3

The Big C   -  Showtime
Directors: Michael Engler, Craig Zisk / Producers: Jenny Bicks, Vivian Cannon, Darlene Hunt , Laura Linney
* Golden Globe Nominated, Best Comedy Series *
* AFI Awards Winner, TV Program Of The Year *


Tully  -  Director: Jason Reitman
Producers: Diablo Cody, Helen Estabrook / Starring: Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis

Krystal  -  Director: William H. Macy
Producers: Dan Keston, Rachel Winter / Starring: William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman, Kathy Bates, Rosario Dawson, Nick Robinson

One Last Thing  -  Director: Tim Rouhana
Producers: Brendan Mason, Alexa Fogel/ Starring: Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Joanne Froggatt, Wendell Pierce

Transfatty Lives  -  Director: Patrick O’Brien
Producer: Doug Pray
* Winner 'Audience Award' - Tribeca Film Festival *

Sugar Mountain   -  Director: Richard Gray
Starring: Jason Momoa, Cary Elwes / Producers: Kimberly Garrett, Mike Gillespie
* Winner 'Best Short Film' - Methodfest *
* Winner 'Best Drama' - NYC Short Film Festiva
* Winner 'Best Drama' - Midwest Independent Film Festival

Dean Quixote  -  Director: Orion Walker
Producer: Jeffrey Walker / Starring: Brian Poth

radio producer | host | dj

Brave New World  -  KCRW 
Created long-running radio show focusing on emerging and indie artists; first DJ to present Pete Yorn, David Gray, The Eels, Death Cab For Cutie to Los Angeles.

Breakfast With The Beatles  -  KLSX
Beatles specialty show on Sunday mornings; became a clear audience favorite in a cast of rotating DJs.

Snapshots  -  KLSX  
Sunday morning “Snapshots” show that spotlighted heritage artists; produced shows on Led Zeppelin, Prince, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Wonder, etc.






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