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The Big C Starts Production!

It's true, The Big C is back in production already, filming in Stamford, CT is officially underway. And the producers and I are already working on some fun musical treats for Season 3! The first episode is due to air on April 8 on Showtime. If you don't have Showtime, or haven't seen the first couple seasons, get thee to Netflix, you can rent Season 1 there! You can read about the Showtime season premieres on The Huffington Post here.

"Must Have Been Love" for Roxette & The Big C


It was a dream assignment when The Big C writers created an episode with a 1990 high school reunion in it - how fun to visit my favorite musical era and come up with a key hit song! And then more good news, the directors of this episode turned out to be Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck! I first became a fan of theirs when I saw Half Nelson, a film they wrote and directed. Then I caught their film Sugar when it showed at Sundance a couple years ago, and they spoke and took questions afterward. You might have also heard some buzz on their recent film It's Kind Of A Funny Story. They're hot and it's well-deserved! So I was extremely excited to work with them. They do everything as a team, including answer emails, it was so cute! We talked about tons of ideas for the highschool reunion dance scene, and Crowded House was very close to making the cut but in the end everybody liked Roxette the best. Roxette - It Must Have Been Love: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

I love how the closing song works, it was a very serendiptious find as the lyrics reflect exactly what Cathy is going through when she finds Sean missing. Vib Gyor is a band from Leeds, England, they broke up after they released this album (sad!) but you can read about their new project on their official site, see below.

Vib Gyor - Take Cover: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


The Big C Reaches For "Heights Of Diamond"


I've already blogged about how much I love this solo album by Adam Haworth Stephens (of Two Gallants) so I'll just say it was a thrill to land "Heights Of Diamond", one of the best songs on the record, in a closing spot on a Big C episode! Read my earlier blog praising this album here. The episode title is "A Little Death" and it first aired on Showtime on August 22, 2011.

Also in the same episode, local LA favorite Jeremy Little's song "This Time I'll Get It Right" plays during the first scene where Adam meets Poppy (played by indie goddess Parker Posey!)

Adam Haworth Stephens - Heights Of Diamond: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Jeremy Little - This Time I'll Get It Right: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


Big C Fans: Just "Breathe Slow"


High expectations, family squabbles, kitchen disasters, odd friends, weird food, The Big C Thansgiving episode does bear a strong resemblance to my childhood Thanksgivings! But we didn't have such good music to wrap up Thanksgivings at my parent's house ... closing out his second Big C episode is Alex Cornish with a message that we all could make use of on holidays and on a daily basis! Alex's music was previously featured in last season's episode where Cathy is seen stashing away future gifts for her son Adam (Who didn't cry at that scene?) and can be found on The Big C soundtrack. The song "Breathe Slow", featured as Cathy's Thanksgiving comes to a somber end, is even more soulful and intimate than the song we featured last season. If you're not a fan yet you will be now! Alex Cornish - Breathe Slow: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

If you're curious about the groovy tune that Andrea and Lee (as well as the turkey) danced to on Thanksgiving Day, that is a soul group from the unlikely site of Iowa City, known as (you do need to take a breath on this one!) The Diplomats Of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes.

The Diplomats Of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes - If You're Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right): Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site



The Big C & Cathy are "Still Alright" via Adam Merrin of The 88


Ever since I first heard this song over three years ago I've felt that it should be heard closing out a TV show - well, sometimes it takes awhile to make it happen! It was worth the wait though, to hear "Still Alright" by Adam Merrin in this moving episode of The Big C, when Cathy happily discovers that her cancer treatment is working. I first met Adam as a member of one of my favorite bands, The 88, and he remains an integral part of The 88 today, while also keeping his solo career active.

Adam Merrin - Still Alright: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site