Big C 2013 Playlist On Spotify


big c 2013 croppedI am really pleased with the music I placed in "The Big C: hereafter" as we closed out this wonderful series. Most especially William Elliott Whitmore, who I wrote about here, and who deserves so many more fans than he has. And also the divine Bob Mould, I love getting a Minneapolis artist into this Minneapolis-based show! Well, and Admiral Fallow, one of my new favorite bands of the last couple years. Okay, well all of them, really! Always one to take advantage of new technology, I've thrown up a Spotify playlist, just click on this link The Big C 2013 Spotify Playlist and it should appear! It only shows the first five tracks, be sure to select the tiny 'See more tracks' button to get the full list. I would love a facebook 'like' or a Spotify 'follow' once you get there. I'll set up Spotify playlists for my other series soon, promise. Meanwhile, please support these wonderful artists, buy some music, concert tickets, t-shirts!

"Birds Fly Away" Closes The Big C Season Finale


Ah, another season concluded on The Big C. It went so fast, right? I was told fairly early on that the season would conclude with Cathy diving/escaping into the ocean, so I had some time to find the perfect song. I love this piece by Theresa Andersson, she always has unique and interesting arrangements on her music. This comes from her 2009 album "Hummingbird, Go!" but she also has an album that just came out this year, "Street Parade" so give that one a listen as well. She's very, very talented. Theresa Andersson - "Birds Fly Away": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

This Big C episode is titled "Fly Away" and originally aired on June 17, 2012.

Adanowsky Soundtracks The Big C's Trip To Puerto Rico


You might be surprised to go to Adanowsky's twitter page and find out he has 90K followers, more than most artists that I've featured in The Big C! Yet it would not be surprising if you'd never heard of him, as he is just becoming known to U.S. audiences. I would tell you more about him, but his website is all in Spanish, so you're on your own there. All I know is his ballad "Dime Cuando" (translates to "Tell Me When") was perfect for the somber moment when Cathy is feeling lonely and wandering the streets of Puerto Rico. And I love his enitre album, so go ahead and invest if you're feeling it. Adanowsky - "Dime Cuando": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

The Big C 308 - We Rock Like Girls Don't


A quick shout out to the girl duo We Rock Like Girls Don't - their song "Hip To You" was featured in the opening scene of The Big C Episode 308 as Cathy drives recklessly on a winding mountain road with Dave & Maxine who are pregnant with a baby that Cathy plans to adopt. Well, as with most things Cathy, it doesn't end too well. It makes me slightly sad how angry Cathy is this season, but it brightens me up to be able to put all this good punky girl rock into The Big C! We Rock Like Girls Don't - "Hip To You": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


Big C Music for Season 3 (2012), Episodes 1-7


Have I mentioned how busy April was? The Big C Season 3 started airing April 8, right in the middle of pilot season and while we were completing post on season finales for Castle and The Big C, and I haven't even posted about all the great music we've used in the show. I'll catch you up on Episodes 1-7 here.

Episode 1, "Thin Ice", first aired April 8, 2012

Heard at the very beginning and the very end of the episode, this version of Bowie's "Changes" might not be quite as stellar as the original, but the slower tempo worked very well with the scene of Cathy underwater in the pool at the end of the episode. Shawn Mullins - "Changes": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 2, "What's Your Story", first aired April 15, 2012

I adore this band Making Friendz (a side project from Tami Hart of Men) and was so happy to use their song as a backdrop for the tattoo parlour when Cathy gets her big C tattoo! Making Friendz - "Yr Shadow": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 3, "Bundle Of Joy", first aired April 22, 2012

At the top of the show, we wanted some punky girl music and I was pleased to offer up a real Minneapolis band (where our show was set). I adored this band in the 90's when they had their brush with fame. Zuzu’s Petals - "Do Not": Amazon :: iTunes

Then we had a killer live performance from a legitimately Christian band (we try to keep it authentic on The Big C!) at the church that Jessie attends. These guys are phenomenal. The Wrecking - "View From The Top": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Lastly, we needed a 70's groove for Susan Sarandon's character, Joy, to dance to and get her followers moving. This song was a particular favorite of Jenny Bicks, the executive producer, so it was great to be able to get it! Peaches & Herb - "Shake Your Groove Thing": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 4, "Family Matters", first aired April 29, 2012

I'll try to refrain from commenting on Jessie's bizarre logic about what makes a virgin in this episode, but I do love this song that we chose to have playing in the car when she and Adam are making out. If you like Band Of Horses, or any other moody indie bands, you'll dig Thieving Irons. Thieving Irons - "Below The Avenues": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 6, "Life Rights", first aired May 13, 2012

Another Christian band heard while Jessie and Adam are entertaining themselves in a bedroom at Sean's house ... These Hearts - "Romans 15": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

And another of my favorite female artists, Ida Maria, had the perfect song for the scene where Cathy takes out her frustrations on the wall of the soon-to-be nursery. Ida Maria - "Oh My God": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 7, "How Bazaar", First aired May 20, 2012

This Los Angeles band is so far a leisurely studio side project of Ferraby Lionheart with producer/musician Dan Long. No release plans yet, sorry! The song had the perfect amount of angst to show Cathy's anger when she finds out the truth about Dave and Maxine. The Left Hands - "Run With A Knife": Ferraby Lionheart Site


The Big C Starts Production!

It's true, The Big C is back in production already, filming in Stamford, CT is officially underway. And the producers and I are already working on some fun musical treats for Season 3! The first episode is due to air on April 8 on Showtime. If you don't have Showtime, or haven't seen the first couple seasons, get thee to Netflix, you can rent Season 1 there! You can read about the Showtime season premieres on The Huffington Post here.

The Big C's "Last Day On Earth"


Oh, those Big C writers. They got us on that one, didn't they? Such a good fake-out. Somebody died in the previous episode, so we TOTALLY WERE NOT EXPECTING SOMEONE ELSE to die in the final episode. Granted, I first found out about this months ago when I first read the script but I'm glad you all can share my pain now. But onwards to happier topics: great music. Retreating in time to the next-to-last episode (that first aired Sep 19, 2011), the song heard right after Lee dies is "Last Day On Earth" by Kate Miller-Heidke. I've been a fan ever since my friend Jeremy H. sent me her music back in 2008. Oh, how I pestered the editors about this song. "It could go in this episode ... maybe this one ... do you think you could find a place for it now?", etc etc. But it was just so appropriate for The Big C that I refused to give up. Finally Editor Dave granted my wish and of course it was PERFECT so I'm glad it never found a home sooner. Kate Miller-Heidke is a real talent, the album is chock-full of lovable songs, more Lily Allen than Katy Perry, in my opinion but you can hear for yourself:

Kate Miller-Heidke - Curiouser: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

And now back to the season finale, a brief appearance of Sissor Sisters "Any Which Way" to liven up the insurance office holiday party, and then Straight No Chaser "Auld Lang Syne" to accompany the stunning ending.

Scissor Sisters - Night Work: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Straight No Chaser - Holiday Spirits: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

That's all for this season folks, I've enjoyed sharing music with you on The Big C and I look forward to Season Three just as much as you all!

Pajaro Sunrise is "Kinda Fantastic" in The Big C


I'm quite vexed with myself that I did not post this promptly but hopefully it will remind some Big C fans that they meant to track down that irresistible, delicious-sounding song at the end of the episode where Cathy decides that the whole family should go to Italy for Christmas. The song is "Kinda Fantastic". The band, Pajaro Sunrise, is not Italian, but they are from Spain and I just adore them. I can put their albums on anytime and feel instantly soothed. In fact, just looking at the artwork makes me happy! They're just that way and its a good thing to have in your pocket ... especially on Mondays ... Pajaro Sunrise - Done/Undone: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

"Must Have Been Love" for Roxette & The Big C


It was a dream assignment when The Big C writers created an episode with a 1990 high school reunion in it - how fun to visit my favorite musical era and come up with a key hit song! And then more good news, the directors of this episode turned out to be Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck! I first became a fan of theirs when I saw Half Nelson, a film they wrote and directed. Then I caught their film Sugar when it showed at Sundance a couple years ago, and they spoke and took questions afterward. You might have also heard some buzz on their recent film It's Kind Of A Funny Story. They're hot and it's well-deserved! So I was extremely excited to work with them. They do everything as a team, including answer emails, it was so cute! We talked about tons of ideas for the highschool reunion dance scene, and Crowded House was very close to making the cut but in the end everybody liked Roxette the best. Roxette - It Must Have Been Love: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

I love how the closing song works, it was a very serendiptious find as the lyrics reflect exactly what Cathy is going through when she finds Sean missing. Vib Gyor is a band from Leeds, England, they broke up after they released this album (sad!) but you can read about their new project on their official site, see below.

Vib Gyor - Take Cover: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


The Big C Reaches For "Heights Of Diamond"


I've already blogged about how much I love this solo album by Adam Haworth Stephens (of Two Gallants) so I'll just say it was a thrill to land "Heights Of Diamond", one of the best songs on the record, in a closing spot on a Big C episode! Read my earlier blog praising this album here. The episode title is "A Little Death" and it first aired on Showtime on August 22, 2011.

Also in the same episode, local LA favorite Jeremy Little's song "This Time I'll Get It Right" plays during the first scene where Adam meets Poppy (played by indie goddess Parker Posey!)

Adam Haworth Stephens - Heights Of Diamond: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Jeremy Little - This Time I'll Get It Right: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


Big C Fans: Just "Breathe Slow"


High expectations, family squabbles, kitchen disasters, odd friends, weird food, The Big C Thansgiving episode does bear a strong resemblance to my childhood Thanksgivings! But we didn't have such good music to wrap up Thanksgivings at my parent's house ... closing out his second Big C episode is Alex Cornish with a message that we all could make use of on holidays and on a daily basis! Alex's music was previously featured in last season's episode where Cathy is seen stashing away future gifts for her son Adam (Who didn't cry at that scene?) and can be found on The Big C soundtrack. The song "Breathe Slow", featured as Cathy's Thanksgiving comes to a somber end, is even more soulful and intimate than the song we featured last season. If you're not a fan yet you will be now! Alex Cornish - Breathe Slow: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

If you're curious about the groovy tune that Andrea and Lee (as well as the turkey) danced to on Thanksgiving Day, that is a soul group from the unlikely site of Iowa City, known as (you do need to take a breath on this one!) The Diplomats Of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes.

The Diplomats Of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes - If You're Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right): Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site



The Big C & Cathy are "Still Alright" via Adam Merrin of The 88


Ever since I first heard this song over three years ago I've felt that it should be heard closing out a TV show - well, sometimes it takes awhile to make it happen! It was worth the wait though, to hear "Still Alright" by Adam Merrin in this moving episode of The Big C, when Cathy happily discovers that her cancer treatment is working. I first met Adam as a member of one of my favorite bands, The 88, and he remains an integral part of The 88 today, while also keeping his solo career active.

Adam Merrin - Still Alright: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

The Big C Is OK With Lenka


Outwardly, she may appear to be just another wispy female vocalist. But with heroes such as The Beatles, The Kinks (her new album was recorded in the Kinks' studio in London), and Bjork (she worked with Bjork producer Guy Sigsworth on much of the album), plus a history with indie band The Decoder Ring it's obvious that she can't be categorized quite so easily. I've field-tested her music and its immediately loved by everyone from my best friend's toddler to my most cynical indie music snob friends, so I think she's onto something! Her song "Everything's Okay" closes out The Big C episode titled "Cats & Dogs" airdate (7/25/11), and can be found on The Big C Soundtrack, of course!

Lenka "Everything's Okay" - The Big C Soundtrack: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


The Big C Soundtrack Benefits Cancer Research


Yeee-ha! My first TV series soundtrack as music supervisor, AND it is a benefit for cancer research. What could be better? Better would be if I could put many of my favorite bands on the soundtrack. Oh wait, that happened! Delta Spirit, Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Oh Land, Lenka, Buddy, Leftover Cuties and more! 100% of Sony Music's, Sony Pictures' & Showtime's net profits will benefit Stand Up To Cancer, a very worthy non-profit initiative which is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Stand Up To Cancer raises funds to accelerate groundbreaking, collaborative cancer research and utilizes the entertainment industry's resources to rally the public in support of the cause.

The Big C Soundtrack: Official Site and preview :: Amazon :: iTunes


Pick Of The Week: The Big C Soundtrack

In stores now! I have been incubating this soundtrack with Sony and Epic for months now and its birthday is finally here. Since I curated the soundtrack personally, many of my favorite bands are on here like Delta Spirit, Oh Land, Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Leftover Cuties, Buddy, and some new artists you will be pleased to discover. When you buy the soundtrack, you support cancer research because Sony Music, Sony Pictures and Showtime will donate 100% of their net profits from The Big C soundtrack to Stand Up To Cancer.

Good soundtrack, good cause, what are you waiting for?

The Big C Soundtrack: Official Site and preview :: Amazon :: iTunes

PS I've also been music supervising Season 2 of The Big C already, coming to Showtime on June 27th!

Big C Is Golden!


Laura Linney in The Big C on ShowtimeAs the Big C Music Supervisor, I'm THRILLED with our show's Golden Globe nomination and Laura Linney's Best Actress WIN in the comedy/musical TV series category.  I've watched hours and hours of footage of Laura Linney acting in our series and she is, honestly, flawless.  To The Big C creator, Darlene Hunt, and the talented producers Jenny Bicks, Michael Engler and Vivian Cannon who brought the show to life, congratulations on your nomination and thank you for making such a rewarding show that I am privileged to work on. The Big C: official site