The Big C's "Last Day On Earth"


Oh, those Big C writers. They got us on that one, didn't they? Such a good fake-out. Somebody died in the previous episode, so we TOTALLY WERE NOT EXPECTING SOMEONE ELSE to die in the final episode. Granted, I first found out about this months ago when I first read the script but I'm glad you all can share my pain now. But onwards to happier topics: great music. Retreating in time to the next-to-last episode (that first aired Sep 19, 2011), the song heard right after Lee dies is "Last Day On Earth" by Kate Miller-Heidke. I've been a fan ever since my friend Jeremy H. sent me her music back in 2008. Oh, how I pestered the editors about this song. "It could go in this episode ... maybe this one ... do you think you could find a place for it now?", etc etc. But it was just so appropriate for The Big C that I refused to give up. Finally Editor Dave granted my wish and of course it was PERFECT so I'm glad it never found a home sooner. Kate Miller-Heidke is a real talent, the album is chock-full of lovable songs, more Lily Allen than Katy Perry, in my opinion but you can hear for yourself:

Kate Miller-Heidke - Curiouser: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

And now back to the season finale, a brief appearance of Sissor Sisters "Any Which Way" to liven up the insurance office holiday party, and then Straight No Chaser "Auld Lang Syne" to accompany the stunning ending.

Scissor Sisters - Night Work: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Straight No Chaser - Holiday Spirits: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

That's all for this season folks, I've enjoyed sharing music with you on The Big C and I look forward to Season Three just as much as you all!