Double Pick Of The Week: Thurston Moore, The Antlers


Two recommendations this week to make up for my six weeks off ... both of these came out earlier in the year but are capturing my heart right now. This is a close-up moment for Thurston, both in the nature of the unusally acoustic record and the recent (shocking) announcement that he and his Sonic Youth bandmate and wife of 27 years, Kim Gordon, are splitting up. Naturally I wondered if the album held any clues to the situation. You can decide for yourself, but I would say its pretty laid out there. It's a beautiful listen that shows rare bedfellows: heartbreak and grace. Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

The Antlers album "Burst Apart" is a balm for any bad feelings on any day. Mysterious, dreamy and gorgeous, its got incredible texture and songwriting that knocks me out. Unlike many albums, it actually starts off great and gets even better as it progresses. By the time it winds up with the absolutely stellar song "Put The Dog To Sleep", you know you're listening to a masterpiece. It's all there in the opening line of the song, directed at a partner: "Prove to me I'm not gonna die alone ..." What else do we ask of love, really?

The Antlers - Burst Apart: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site