Fargo Music Wrap Up - Season One


fargo sized#MusicMonday AND Emmy night, seems like an appropriate time for a Fargo Music Wrap-Up since they received SEVENTEEN Emmy nominations, second only to Game Of Thrones. Fargo was an absolute delight to work on, it was somewhat magical how everything came together each and every episode -- which is not to say it wasn't a lot of hard work by everyone in the Post department, editors, sound designers, mixers, vfx and producers alike! We were always very conscious of keeping the tone consistent and not breaking the Fargo 'spell', to that end we relied heavily on Jeff Russo's gorgeous score which was recorded by musicians in Prague - in the same room where Einstein first presented his theory of relativity! See what I mean about magical? Go here if you want more info about the score, and read on for the list of songs that we licensed for the TV Series. Licensed Songs in Fargo Season 1, Episodes 5-10 (I split the season with music supervisor Michael Perlmutter, but if you have questions about the first few eps I can probably track down an answer for you, try me on Twitter @bnwtricia.)

[table colwidth="20|100|350|100|50"]Ep,Scene,Song,Artist,Links
5,"Opening song, general store",Wildwood Flower,The Carter Family,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
6,Don's demise,Easter Vigil: Litany,Benedictine Nuns of the~~Abbey of Notre-Dame~~& d'Argentan,"Amazon~~iTunes~~"
6,Happy Stavros drives,Requiem: Sanctus,London Symphony Chorus~~Royal Philharmonic Orch.~~conducted by Richard Hickox,"Amazon"
6,Lester is winning,Piccola,Adriano Celentano,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
7,Mr. Rundle aquacizes,Round n’ Round,Junior Mays Group,"Amazon~~iTunes~~"
7,Lester visits Gina,Trouble Trouble,Betty Roche,"Amazon~~~~"
8,Gus comes home,The Time Was Right,Annie Ross,"Amazon~~iTunes~~"
8,Family dinner,Dallas (from The Odessa~~Sessions),Flatlanders,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
8,Lester in hotel lounge,Midnight Love,Tennishero,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
9,A dentist works on a patient,Yodel Boogie,Wylie and the Wild West,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
9,Malvo puts on a record,Green Tambourine,The Lemon Pipers,"Amazon~~iTunes~~"
9,Malvo and Bert discuss Bert’s brother,East Coast Raga,The Donkeys,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
9,Malvo in hotel lounge,Midnight Love,Tennishero,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
9,Family breakfast,Lonely Melody,Dorothy Ashby,"Amazon~~iTunes~~"
10,Lester establishes his alibi,Morning,Steve Turre,"Amazon~~iTunes~~Artist Site"
10,Molly joins Gus & Greta watching TV,"Fargo, North Dakota",Carter Burwell,"Amazon~~~~"


Fargo TV Series Score Available

Fargo Orch AdamK 600 Fargo Jeff PlayBack 600

fargo soundtrackJust a quick note to let you know that the gorgeous score for Fargo (An Original MGM / FXP Television Series) is now in stores! Composer Jeff Russo is a real talent and I enjoyed working with him on Fargo immensely. He and Noah envisioned the score before a frame of film was shot, and he wrote the main themes in advance, which worked out beautifully. They required an orchestra to really bring the score to life, which meant recording overseas due to budget constraints that eliminated the option of using local union musicians. It was worked out so that Jeff could remotely be involved with the recording sessions via an advanced kind of video chat, communicating directly with the Prague conductor as it was happening. It was a pretty ambitious undertaking but it all worked out, as you could hear throughout the season!

Jeff Russo - Fargo (An Original MGM / FXP Television Series) Amazon | iTunes | Artist Site

PS Aug 25 update: I just posted a list of all the songs I licensed for the Fargo TV series here.