More Sci Fi on Fox: Second Chance

second-chance-rob-kazinsky At the same time that I was finishing the X-Files, I began work on another science fiction series for Fox titled Second Chance. Well, at first it was called The Frankenstein Code, because it is a modern re-telling of that mythology, but as it developed it seemed a more modern title was needed. Similarly to The X-Files, it features a brilliant but socially awkward male character (Otto) and an extremely smart and very competent female character (Mary). Unlike The X-Files, these two are partners because they are twins, partners for life in a genetic sense, and they have been so successful as a team that they now run (and own) a billion-dollar tech company similar to Apple or Google. However, for some very good reasons that I won't go into here, Otto has invented a way to bring people (well, certain people, not everyone) back from the dead and give them a second chance at life, with a few strings attached.

In the hands of a lesser writer this might not have much potential but in the hands of Rand Ravich (who created "Life" for NBC a few years back) this became a really interesting (and funny) drama about what someone might do with a second chance at life, what he can change, how he won't change, and how it affects others around him who might start seeing their own life in a completely different way. Plus throw in some super high-tech inventions, the general sci-fi-ness of it all, and some excellent crime-solving stories (because the gentleman they brought back happens to be a Sheriff whose son is an FBI agent ...) and I'm hooked! Plus, Rand has really good taste in music and we got to use some fun things like Band Of Skulls, Serena Ryder, Gram Rabbit and more! Full list of songs can be found at my favorite new site, TuneFind. The show airs on Fox Fridays at 9pm. If you missed the first few episodes, I'm sure you can find it On Demand or on the Fox website. Worth it!