J. Mascis Rules Castle


I'm kinda proud of this one, music fans. It's the first TV show placement for this album that came out in March of this year. J. Mascis has been an integral part of my musical life since I was enlightened to the wonderful and mysterious world of indie rock via Dinosaur Jr's seminal 1987 album "Livin All Over Me", drenched in satisfying feedback and anchored by his distinctive emotional voice. Too sum it up, the guy invented indie rock with that album, basically. But like Neil Young, J. Mascis can be louder than anyone or softer and more heartbreaking than most--this solo album "Several Shades Of Why" is quiet and intimately powerful. It features the song "Too Deep" which was perfect for portraying the bittersweet feelings of Beckett, Castle, Alexis and Martha after they endure the bank hostage ordeal. Delve in, I think you'll like it.

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