Castle is "Super Bon Bon" Tonight!


Judging from the twitter feed, Castle fans are loving the 1996 Soul Coughing flashback! Good excuse to get out this excellent album and return it to rotation. And while you're at it, Mike Doughty has a new album out so you can get on that as well. Soul Coughing - "Super Bon Bon": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Mike Doughty Site for new album

There were some other worthy records featured in tonight's episodes as well -- when Castle and the boys arrived in Atlantic City you heard just a little bit of Jesse Malin, an artist I've long admired. I highly recommend his album "Glitter In The Gutter" that I pulled that song off of. Especially if you like that East Coast rocker Springsteen/Jersey/Pete Yorn/Ryan Adams sound.

Jesse Malin - "In The Modern World": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Alexis' party mix featured a band from Cork, Ireland, named Fred in the first party scene. In the last party scene you heard the talented Lyrics Born featuring vocals by Sam Sparro. This remix of the song is available for free at SoundCloud, scoop it up! And don't neglect the excellent album that features the original as well.

Fred - "Trial By Fire": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Lyrics Born - "Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Party Ben Remix)": FREE DOWNLOAD :: Official Site Lyrics Born - As U Were album: Amazon :: iTunes