Castle Links The Chain Gang Of 1974 and Jen Hirsh


Q: What artist named his band after Ryan Adam's birth year plus a Raveonettes song? A: The Chain Gang of 1974. If OMD is one of your guilty pleasures, like mine, you will be into this band. Despite the band name, the music is not at all 70s-influenced, and doesn't bring to mind jail or a chain gang. It's just good beat-driven fun with an 80's tip! The song "Devil Is A Lady" has a slight industrial feel to it and it was perfect for the nerdy clerks to be playing in the comic book store that Castle & Beckett visit in this episode. The Chain Gang of 1974 - Wayward Fire: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Q: What singer-songwriter appeared on American Idol in 2009 but is still thrilled to be playing the Hotel Cafe on any given night? A: Jen Hirsh. Maybe too much songwriter, not enough pop star to be an Idol? That's ok by me. Her sweet songs are perfect for the romantic in all of us, and perfect for the final Castle scene where Castle & Beckett find an unsettling similarity between two of their suspects and themselves.

Jen Hirsh - Myself In Two: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site