The Big C Is OK With Lenka


Outwardly, she may appear to be just another wispy female vocalist. But with heroes such as The Beatles, The Kinks (her new album was recorded in the Kinks' studio in London), and Bjork (she worked with Bjork producer Guy Sigsworth on much of the album), plus a history with indie band The Decoder Ring it's obvious that she can't be categorized quite so easily. I've field-tested her music and its immediately loved by everyone from my best friend's toddler to my most cynical indie music snob friends, so I think she's onto something! Her song "Everything's Okay" closes out The Big C episode titled "Cats & Dogs" airdate (7/25/11), and can be found on The Big C Soundtrack, of course!

Lenka "Everything's Okay" - The Big C Soundtrack: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site