Big C 2013 Playlist On Spotify


big c 2013 croppedI am really pleased with the music I placed in "The Big C: hereafter" as we closed out this wonderful series. Most especially William Elliott Whitmore, who I wrote about here, and who deserves so many more fans than he has. And also the divine Bob Mould, I love getting a Minneapolis artist into this Minneapolis-based show! Well, and Admiral Fallow, one of my new favorite bands of the last couple years. Okay, well all of them, really! Always one to take advantage of new technology, I've thrown up a Spotify playlist, just click on this link The Big C 2013 Spotify Playlist and it should appear! It only shows the first five tracks, be sure to select the tiny 'See more tracks' button to get the full list. I would love a facebook 'like' or a Spotify 'follow' once you get there. I'll set up Spotify playlists for my other series soon, promise. Meanwhile, please support these wonderful artists, buy some music, concert tickets, t-shirts!