Big C Music for Season 3 (2012), Episodes 1-7


Have I mentioned how busy April was? The Big C Season 3 started airing April 8, right in the middle of pilot season and while we were completing post on season finales for Castle and The Big C, and I haven't even posted about all the great music we've used in the show. I'll catch you up on Episodes 1-7 here.

Episode 1, "Thin Ice", first aired April 8, 2012

Heard at the very beginning and the very end of the episode, this version of Bowie's "Changes" might not be quite as stellar as the original, but the slower tempo worked very well with the scene of Cathy underwater in the pool at the end of the episode. Shawn Mullins - "Changes": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 2, "What's Your Story", first aired April 15, 2012

I adore this band Making Friendz (a side project from Tami Hart of Men) and was so happy to use their song as a backdrop for the tattoo parlour when Cathy gets her big C tattoo! Making Friendz - "Yr Shadow": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 3, "Bundle Of Joy", first aired April 22, 2012

At the top of the show, we wanted some punky girl music and I was pleased to offer up a real Minneapolis band (where our show was set). I adored this band in the 90's when they had their brush with fame. Zuzu’s Petals - "Do Not": Amazon :: iTunes

Then we had a killer live performance from a legitimately Christian band (we try to keep it authentic on The Big C!) at the church that Jessie attends. These guys are phenomenal. The Wrecking - "View From The Top": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Lastly, we needed a 70's groove for Susan Sarandon's character, Joy, to dance to and get her followers moving. This song was a particular favorite of Jenny Bicks, the executive producer, so it was great to be able to get it! Peaches & Herb - "Shake Your Groove Thing": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 4, "Family Matters", first aired April 29, 2012

I'll try to refrain from commenting on Jessie's bizarre logic about what makes a virgin in this episode, but I do love this song that we chose to have playing in the car when she and Adam are making out. If you like Band Of Horses, or any other moody indie bands, you'll dig Thieving Irons. Thieving Irons - "Below The Avenues": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 6, "Life Rights", first aired May 13, 2012

Another Christian band heard while Jessie and Adam are entertaining themselves in a bedroom at Sean's house ... These Hearts - "Romans 15": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

And another of my favorite female artists, Ida Maria, had the perfect song for the scene where Cathy takes out her frustrations on the wall of the soon-to-be nursery. Ida Maria - "Oh My God": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

Episode 7, "How Bazaar", First aired May 20, 2012

This Los Angeles band is so far a leisurely studio side project of Ferraby Lionheart with producer/musician Dan Long. No release plans yet, sorry! The song had the perfect amount of angst to show Cathy's anger when she finds out the truth about Dave and Maxine. The Left Hands - "Run With A Knife": Ferraby Lionheart Site