Picks Of The Week: Admiral Fallow and Lightships


It's bold to start your album with the sound of a someone agitating a speaker cord, then lead into a six minute down-tempo duet. But I guess when you have that adorable Scottish accent, you can get away with it. The second song picks up tempo quite a bit, and might remind you of their countrymen Frightened Rabbit ("Swim, until you can't see land ...). I don't think you'll be disappointed if you stick with the album - epic indie rock along the lines of early Snow Patrol. I'm completely hooked. Admiral Fallow - Tree Bursts In Snow: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


It's honestly a coincidence that my second pick this week is also from Scotland. Gerard Love is the vocalist, songwriter, and bass player for my long time faves Teenage Fanclub. He's made a gorgeous album under the name Lightships, inviting some of his favorite players from other bands and taking a slightly more freewheeling approach to the music, while still exhibiting his gifts for melody and arrangement. This album is so inviting that I was very nearly distracted from finishing this post while listening to it! So proceed with caution, but if you want to leave planet Earth for awhile, this is for you.

Lightships - Electric Cables: Amazon :: iTunes :: Teenage Fanclub Official Site