Loopy for Lou Barlow


I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours chatting with Lou Barlow for a yet-to-be-announced project. Dream assignment! I would definitely call that a highlight of my last twelve months. In addition to being a talented indie rock ICON, he's intelligent, well-spoken, well-informed, AND well-versed in indie rock from the 80's right up to current day. I wanted the afternoon to just go on and on. We did the interview in a gem of guitar shop hidden away in Silverlake called Old Style, where photographer turned guitar-maker Reuben Cox handcrafts new guitars from old parts. I'm glad to see Lou's band Sebadoh from the 90's is getting some deserved (if belated) attention and in fact they are performing tonight in Echo Park and will be playing one of their classic indie rock albums, Bakesale, in it's entirety. Not to be missed! Lou Barlow: Official Site

Sebadoh "Bakesale": Amazon :: iTunes

Old Style Guitar Shop: Official Site