Pick Of The Week: The Kills


I just want to know how it went down in the studio when Allison Mosshart told her producer and band partner James Hince "Let's do a little waltz with a plinky piano sound and some strings." Huh? Wait, what about our signature dangerous-sounding guitars and your emotional screaming vocals? It's these kind of unexpecteded little twists that make The Kills (and their new album) just so damn cool. And don't worry there's still plenty of electric guitar and snarly vocals, in fact Ms. Mosshart is sounding more sultry and velvety than ever without giving up a bit of her edge. Blood Pressures has a slow but steady pace, you can't zip through, I actually find it hard to have on 'in the background'. It's art, dammit, pay attention. The Kills "Blood Pressures": Official Site :: Amazon :: iTunes