Picks Of The Week: Barbie Hatch & Chad Valley


On this long weekend, two short records are intriguing me. Simply put, I wish they were longer! It's not the type of music I normally gravitate to, which would be lo-fi and ultra-modern. They're both a little bit electro, a little bit 70's, maybe even a little bit disco. Barbie Hatch works with the Squeak E. Clean/N.A.S.A. tribe in Los Angeles, and she sings with an authenticity lacking in so much electro-pop these days, with simple passionate lyrics and a rich production style. Chad Valley (the vision of Hugo Manuel, not a guy named Chad) hails from Oxford, England and is part of a loose collective of artists known as Blessing Force. Hugo also has a band project called Jonquil. Both these EP's were a chill accompaniment to my July 4th holiday, so enough talking, go enjoy! Barbie Hatch - Hypertrophic Heart: iTunes :: Official Site

Chad Valley - Equatorial Ultravox: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site