Pick Of The Week: Snow Patrol


Thank you Snow Patrol for releasing an excellent album in a time that's otherwise a bit slow for new releases. This is the band's sixth release (yes, they had three albums out before most people ever heard of them) and its usually right about now that bands achieving their level of success start to self-destruct and make a crappy album because they've lost touch with reality. I'm pleased to report that none of that applies here. This album is a gem and I'm all the more impressed that they've been able to navigate their success without losing what make their music special. Snow Patrol began recording this album in Joshua Tree, California (remind you of anyone else?) and completed it in various Los Angeles locations. They also had help from pals as varied as Michael Stipe, Lissie, Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist/keyboardist Troy Van Leeuwen and the LA Inner City Mass Gospel Choir. Gary Lightbody wanted to make 'an ambitious record', well, mission accomplished.

Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site