Have A Pink Martini With FeFe Dobson on Castle tonight!



Such a fun episode! No better song than the charming "Lilly" by Pink Martini to start off our dog-themed show. Pink Martini are one of the hardest working indie bands in show biz, they've released six studio albums and have performed endless charming live shows to enchanted audiences during their long tenure together. Lucky you, new fan, they just released a retrospective CD so you can get right to 'the best of' and it includes "Lilly"!

Pink Martini - "Lilly": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site


Canadian songstress FeFe Dobson knows how to mix in the dance beats, but she's a rocker at heart, I can tell. She has a still-sizzling hot album out from 2010 with "Watch Me Move" as well as many other gems, she'll get any party started!

FeFe Dobson - "Watch Me Move": Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site