Pick Of The Week: Lambchop "Mr. M"


Lambchop is an odd band, they'll be the first to tell you. And its not for everyone. There's not space on this blog to properly explain their quirky sound and outsider path to success but you can read all about it on AllMusic.com. They rarely (never?) misstep, so all their releases are recommended but the latest is particularly poignant as it is dedicated to Vic Chesnutt, a good friend and collaborator of  Lambchop mastermind Kurt Wagner. It deals with love and loss in a typically gorgeous Lambchop way, it's almost meditative to listen to it on headphones. Except for all the cursing. Nonetheless, if you're not already on board the Lambchop train, its a good time to take a ride! Lambchop - Mr. M: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site