Picks Of The Week: Thieving Irons and Simone Felice


Two easy recommends this week, both from artists I've been following for some time. Nate Martinez has always been the secret weapon super-guitarist of Pela, as well as touring with The National and Alexi Murdoch. When Pela broke up, he found his solo voice as Thieving Irons (definitely the silver lining to losing Pela). His voice is comforting like a warm blanket, the production is epic without being overwhelming and both lyrics and musical arrangements are first class. You can put this album on repeat for hours and not get bored. Thieving Irons - Behold, This Dreamer: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site

I'm going to caution you against reading Simone Felice's bio because it will likely make you feel a) lazy (he's been in four band projects counting this solo effort, was a major player on five albums plus numerous other album assists, and has five published writing credits including a novel) and/or b) dismayed to learn of his personal tragedies and medical mishaps. So let me sum it up for you: member of The Felice Brothers as well as The Duke and The King, uber-talented songwriter with the chops and style to back it up, first solo release, joing Mumford & Sons on tour right now, don't miss it.

Simone Felice - Simone Felice: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site