Eight Quick Picks: DB+St.V, Grizzly Bear, Two Gallants, Field Report, Cat Power and more

Hi, I'm back from a maternity break - doubled the size of the family by adding twins! I still found plenty of time to listen to new music, mostly while feeding them. They're the most musically up-to-date newborns around! Here's eight quick picks on recent new releases to make up for my absence, go on, spend that back-to-school money at the record store!

David Byrne & St. Vincent - Love This Giant: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Wacky young songstress teams up with elder statesman of wackiness. Beautiful music ensues.

Field Report - Field Report: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Field Report - Is part of Bon Iver. Done.

Two Gallants - The Bloom and The Blight: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Until further notice you can assume this band and anyone thats part of this band is always on my 'must have' list.

Grizzly Bear - Shields: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Two words: Grizzly. Bear. You already love it.

Ryan Lerman - Pinstripes, The Sky: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Yummy singer-songwriter with intriguing production. Probably the first artist to cover Adele and Elliott Smith on the same album.

Rhett Miller - The Dreamer: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Totally unfair that he is utterly talented and utterly handsome.

Hungry Ghost - Hungry Ghost: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Former members of Unwound make a new sound that is a melange of Led Zeppelin, X, White Stripes, and Sleater-Kinney.

Cat Power - Sun: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site Phenomenal return from an indie favorite.