Fargo TV Series Score Available

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fargo soundtrackJust a quick note to let you know that the gorgeous score for Fargo (An Original MGM / FXP Television Series) is now in stores! Composer Jeff Russo is a real talent and I enjoyed working with him on Fargo immensely. He and Noah envisioned the score before a frame of film was shot, and he wrote the main themes in advance, which worked out beautifully. They required an orchestra to really bring the score to life, which meant recording overseas due to budget constraints that eliminated the option of using local union musicians. It was worked out so that Jeff could remotely be involved with the recording sessions via an advanced kind of video chat, communicating directly with the Prague conductor as it was happening. It was a pretty ambitious undertaking but it all worked out, as you could hear throughout the season!

Jeff Russo - Fargo (An Original MGM / FXP Television Series) Amazon | iTunes | Artist Site

PS Aug 25 update: I just posted a list of all the songs I licensed for the Fargo TV series here.