Top 32 CDs of 2001


01. Burning Airlines ~ Identikit Musical and poetic genius J. Robbins (formerly Jawbox) made us a perfect album.

02. Ryan Adams ~ Gold

Classically great singer-songwriter tunes from sexy Whiskeytown frontman

03. Centro-matic ~ Distance & Clime

Lo-fi, but hi-impact, you'll feel it in your heart & soul

04. Beulah ~ The Coast Is Never Clear

Poppy, hummable songs that are still unique and beautifully textured.

05. Pete Yorn ~ Musicforthemorningafter

Classic songwriting in the tradition of Springsteen (with a Smiths influence!)

06. Remy Zero ~ The Golden Hum

A shining home that takes you gracefully through bittersweet ballads and play-it-loud rock

07. Kristin Hersh ~ Sunny Border Blue

An excellent blend of her band sensibility and her solo work

08. Minibar ~ Road Movies

Hooky, soulful songs that are completely addicting

09. Snow Patrol ~ When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up

Angelic vocals and clever, thoughtful songs delivered from Scotland

10. Lucinda Williams ~ Essence

Beautiful blues that go straight to your heart

11. Stereophonics ~ Just Enough Education To Perform

Golden singing, rockin' guitar and lovely songwriting combine for wonderful Brit-Pop

12. Death Cab For Cutie ~ The Photo Album

Edgy songs enhanced by startling lyrical insights and creative arrangements

13. Rebecca Gates ~ Ruby Series

Sparkley, trip-hoppy tunes from former Spinanes gal

14. Sigur Rós ~ Ágætis Byrjun

Ethereal, magnificent songs from Iceland that are each like a little pop symphonys

15. Kid Loco ~ Kill Your Darlings

Dance music with soul and the vocals of Tim Keegan

16. Sparklehorse ~ It's A Wonderful Life

Whispery vocals, spooky sounds, lo-fi textures

17. Spoon ~ Girls Can Tell

Heartbreak from Austin with delicious rhythms and deceptively simple guitar

18. Björk ~ Vespertine

Intimate new work from the diva of otherworldly pop

19. Red House Painters ~ Old Ramon

Gorgeous melancholy songs painted with Kozelek's comforting vocals

20. Lloyd Cole ~ The Negatives

Another album of gems from the master of the ideal pop song

21. Natalie Merchant ~ Motherland

It could be her best album ever

22. You Am I ~ Dress Me Slowly

Sweaty, gritty rock 'n roll from Aussie favorites

23. Quasi ~ The Sword Of God

Smart and quirky music by Sleater-Kinney's drummer and her ex-husband Sam

24. Mercury Rev ~ All Is Dream

Haunting soundscapes carved out of musical chaos

25. Built To Spill ~ Ancient Melodies Of The Future

The album title describes it perfectly

26. Creeper Lagoon ~ Take Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday

Power-pop anthems with some twisted grooves thrown in

27. Preston School Of Industry ~ All This Sounds Gas

Pavement co-founder Spiral Stairs proves Malkmus wasn't the only talented one

28. Scout Niblett ~ Sweetheart Fever

If Cat Power had a younger sister ...

29. The Standard ~ The Standard

Compelling vocals tell sad stories over solid Northwest rock tunes

30. Curve ~ Gift

Massive, dark guitar with some electronic elements and sultry devil vocals

31. The Frames ~ For The Birds

Dublin favorites get a U.S. release for their ethereal, compelling music

32. Trembling Blue Stars ~ Alive To Every Smile

Dance music with an indie rock twist a la St Etienne