Pick Of The Week: Delta Spirit


Yes, this recommend is a few days behind schedule. But I did not receive this album until today so it all worked out for the best! I'm already a big Delta Spirit fan, so I'm not sure why it was not on my doorstep the day of release, but I'm just happy I have it now. This will be in constant rotation as I'm now an even bigger fan - they flesh out their strengths of classic, timeless rock on this new release. And while I am truly sorry that lead singer Matt Vasquez has apparently been suffering some heartbreak I must say it makes for some stellar new songs. His voice is unmistakable and his unaffected delivery very compelling - the production (by Chris Coady, who has worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio, Beach House and the Smith Westerns) is excellent, lots of cool layering and breakdowns. Plus, they have a very sharp website and all kinds of free downloads on there, so do visit. If you like a good live show, they're crossing the United States on a three month tour right now, go see it! Delta Spirit - Delta Spirit: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site