Pick Of The Week: The Shins "Port Of Morrow"


Dear James Mercer, you really are a terrible boyfriend. You've spent five years away from the Shins, philandering openly with Dangermouse on the Broken Bells project, which although lovely didn't quite utilize your songwriting talents, did it? And now you bring us a new album and I suppose you'd like to be back in our affections as though nothing had changed. Well, we'll just see about that. Listen #1: We admit "For A Fool" is properly apologetic. And it is nice to hear your voice again. But we'll remain strong. Five years away, after all! Perhaps one more listen just to make sure. Listen #2: "It's Only Life" is very comforting. How is this album lush, yet also stripped down? Inventive yet classic. And oh, how we've missed your clever lyrics! We must get a grip! We're just being nostalgic. One more time, we'll keep our heads straight this time. Listen #3: We're melted. All is forgiven. Welcome back. The Shins - Port Of Morrow: Amazon :: iTunes :: Official Site